Intraoperative Octreotide Infusion During Liver Transplantation is Associated With Reduced Postoperative Ventilatory and Cardiovascular Support Requirements: A Single Centre Retrospective Cohort Study

Alexander Leigh, Jeremy Fabes, Timothy Snow, James Gladwin, Alexander Bell, Michael Spiro 

Royal Free Perioperative Research Group, Royal Free Hospital, London, UK




A simultaneous liver-pancreas trasnplantation in a three year old patient with WRS. An anaesthetic case report from Karolinska University Hospital

Bashar Dabbagh, Anton Strekalovsky

Perioperative Medicine and Intensive care, Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge, Stockholm, Sweden




The Relationship between Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) and Muscle Volume in Liver Transplant Candidates

Fox BJ, Miller J, Usher H, SkipworthR, WigmoreSJ

The University of Edinburgh, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 51 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh, Scotland 




Transoesophageal echo in liver transplantation: setting up a new service 

Elena Marini, Brock David Andreatta, Vibhay Kakhandki

Department of Anaesthesia, Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK 




The Implications of A Low Anaerobic Threshold in Liver Transplant Patients 

Jacob Lewis, Christopher Pickles, Krishna Rao , KomalRay 

University of Leeds, St James’ University Hospital, Leeds 




Pre-operative predictors of 3 month post- liver transplant renal function

Komal Ray, Nilmini Manawaduge, Selin Kabadayi, Maheeka Rajamuni, Mark Bellamy 

Liver Transplant Unit, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds, LS9 7TF, UK 




Intra-operative fluid and infusion therapy in Adult Liver Transplantation: A National Survey 

Sandeep Sharma, VibhayKakhandki

Cambridge University Hospitals




Outcome of Living Donor Liver Transplant recipient with coronary artery stenting 

Vijay Vohra, Nikunj Gupta, Nishant Sharma, Pooja Bhangui, Manish Aneja, Sushil PakhrinTamang, A. S. Soin

MedantaInstitute of Liver Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine, Medanta, The Medicity, Gurugram, India